When the society is providing a garland & sash I suggest you take into consideration WHY?  If it is for the purpose of a great photo for the recipient them don't have the sash hidden behind the garland.

In times when clubs and societies struggle financially I urge you to consider purchasing rosettes.  It works out economically better for the society in particular you can put the date on the centre of the rosette.  My business will reprint a new label with the following years date AT NO COSTs Terms & conditions only if you are a regular customer of Gawler Screen Printers & have purchased the previous year from GRP's.  I have a lot of contact with competitors and unanimously in favour of rosettes.

Societies can recycle rosettes without the embarrassment of any soiled marks as apposed to ribbons or sashes.

When purchasing tricolour sashes from other supplies make sure you view previous photos from website, facebook etc. and see that they are not suppling badly puckered tri sashes.  If they use digital foil print that the foil does not rub off.  Competitors constant complaint when winning sashes that I am informed about.